Sheared sheep in pen
Sheared sheep in pen

Cormo sheep are the foundation of the flock of fine wool sheep on our farm. Cormo is a breed of sheep developed in Tasmania in the 1960’s by a fellow named Ian Downie. Mr. Downie ran a sheep station, Dungrove, where he raised superfine Saxon Merino sheep. He was looking to improve the size of his sheep and the yield of their fleece. After much scientific study he settled on an extremely rigid criteria for the selection of Corriedale rams to breed to the Saxon Merino ewes. The result – – the Cormo sheep breed. Traits for which the Cormo is best known for are : bright white fiber, clean fleece weight, fiber diameter of 17-23 microns, fiber staple length of 4-5 inches, fast body growth rate and high fertility. Each of these components is important when considering a breed of sheep upon which to base the development of a productive and sustainable flock.


At Buckwheat Bridge Angoras, we appreciate both the fiber and meat capabilities of our sheep. The wool produced by the Cormo is very fine and suitable to be worn directly next to the skin making it ideal for scarves, shawls, hats, fine gauge sweaters, and yes, even baby clothes and accessories. The staple length offers a fine wool option for handspinners reluctant to try¬† other fine wool breeds known to have a much shorter fiber length. This wool blends particularly well with our fine kid mohair, which, with a similar staple length makes for a structurally strong and lustrous yarn yet retains it’s superb softness.

Our Natural Colored sheep genetics come from using  Cormo rams on Natural Colored ewes from different breeds. The result is a natural palate of earth tones in all shades of browns, greys and blacks. We sell our raw fleece at fiber festivals and in our On-Line Shop.