53 Days ‘Til Spring

Today it is snowing ….. AGAIN ! Winter 2008 – 2009 has been pretty cold and snowy so far.
In looking through some photos today I came across this one of our “boys” in the snow with a beautiful background scene. One of the advantages of winter is it allows you to see the “bones” or profile of the landscape without the fluff and clutter ( leaves and grasses) of other seasons — just the rugged profile of the geography of your “world”.
The picture below is taken in the same general area. If you scroll back and forth between the two you will see beneath the lush foliage, the faint outline of the dramatic landscape of winter.

People We Admire – Fritz Kuebel

Fritz Kuebel has been raising Angora Goats in Texas for nearly a lifetime. Many, many Angora Goat breeders in Texas and around the country can trace their goats’ lineage to Kuebel bloodlines. Most of our most highly prized, fine hair, genetics show Kuebel ancestry. Several years ago he suffered an injury to his hip and has been dependent on using a walker to get around. For a less dedicated producer, an injury such as that would put a halt to their ability to work goats, but not Mr. Kuebel. As you can see, he’s still out there in his catch, evaluating goats and selecting the best to breed. As the saying goes “You can’t keep a good man down”.

58 Days ‘Til Spring

60 Days ‘Til Spring

Here’s a photo of some of last year’s tomato harvest. We planted about 90 tomato plants –
Brandywine ( a favorite ), Cherokee Purple, Georgia Peach, Yellow Pear, and Sweet 100.
We processed, canned or froze about 50 lbs of sauce and diced tomatoes.
Currently we’re working on selections for this year’s planting….. to be continued…..
once we choose !