Complete Farm Products™

We’ve asked ourselves many times – “What makes our product different from so many other products with the word “farm” in the title or description?”. At Buckwheat Bridge Angoras, we’ve developed a term called “Complete Farm Product”™.

Complete Farm Products LogoA Complete Farm Product™ is a product that is made completely – start to finish – on the FARM. We think this is a very important distinction to make. Today, so many products are labeled as farm products when in fact they are not entirely made on the farm. Yes, granted, a portion of the production may be done on the farm, but not all. And this is, in our opinion, misleading. We want folks to know that when they purchase a product from us labeled with the Complete Farm Product™ name, they are indeed receiving an item made entirely on our farm.

Cushion Foot Socks
Cushion Foot Socks – A Complete Farm Product


So, for example, when you purchase a skein of Buckwheat Bridge Angoras yarn with the “Complete Farm Product” label you are assured that 100% of the fiber in that yarn is from animals born and raised on our farm.

angora kids
Angora Goat Kids

That the fleeces were carefully skirted by hand to select the finest of fiber.

skirting table with fleece
Skirting table with fleece. The “skirtings” have been separated from the main part of the fleece

The fiber was washed, carded and spun into yarn on our farm.

Fiber being processed through the card. This step makes roving for hand spinners or to further process into yarn on our spinning frames.
Spinning Frame creating a single ply yarn

If the yarn was dyed, it was dyed on our farm. The skeins were skeined, the labels placed. You get the idea. And all this is done with alternative energy – an 11K wind turbine and 10K of  solar power – giving us a huge “green energy” component to our products. Almost all of the products we market are Complete Farm Products™.

If rarely there is a fiber blend that includes “out-sourced” materials, we’ll clearly label that product with the type of fiber and country of origin of the fiber. Sometimes we find a product that we think is really special from another producer. We’ll tell you who made the product and where it was made. That way you can decide if that is a product you wish to purchase. We strongly believe that it is important to educate consumers about the products they buy. This is especially true for us as farmers who do the best we can to practice farming in a sustainable and ethical manner. We encourage you to ask, not only us but other folks selling products with a farm name, just how much of that product is actually entirely produced on the named farm. Ask if any of the content is produced on that farm. Ask for specifics. We think you may be surprised by the answer.