Of LAMBS!(and ground hogs…)

New born Natural Colored Fine Wool Lamb and it's mother

It’s good to see a local sign of spring…….LAMBS!

Elsewhere in the news, those season change forecasting ground hogs throughout the USA and Canada reached a ‘no shadow” consensus this morning. Early Spring is only 47 days away! Sound good?

And with that we welcome the newest members to the flock. Both busy and rewarding, lambing time is long anticipated. Full of promise for fiber to come, each lamb represents the future of fiber on the farm. Welcome lambs, Welcome! Welcome!

The C-R-A-W-L !! Nov. 17-18th only

Our booth display at the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Fest - 2012

We’ll be open at our farm from 10am-6pm Saturday and 12pm-4pm Sunday. Mark your calendars for the annual fall Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl. Eighteen local farms and yarns shops throughout the Hudson Valley will be opening their doors to yarn and fiber enthusiasts the weekend of November 17th and 18th. A detailed map of participants can be found here: http://www.hudsonvalleyyarns.com/yarn_crawl.html

Our goal is to connect local fiber users with local fiber producers, meet some new friends and have a great time. Folks stopping by the farm will get a chance to see the sheep and goats plus the mill where all the processing takes place. We’ll be happy to explain all the in’s and out’s of what it takes to make that fine wool or kid mohair fleece into roving, yarn – – or even socks!

Check back for updates as the date approaches! Looking forward to seeing everyone –


Saturday and Sunday

Participating shops and farms

  • Blackberry Hill Farm, Hudson, 10-4 Saturday and Sunday
  • Buckwheat Bridge Angoras, Elizaville, Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-4
  • Clay, Wood & Cotton, Beacon 11-6:30 Saturday and Sunday
  • Cornwall Yarn Shop, Cornwall, Saturday 11-3 and Sunday 9-1
  • Countrywool, Hudson Saturday 10-2, Sunday 12-4
  • Fabulous Yarn, Tivoli 10-7pm Saturday and Sunday
  • Hudson Valley Sheep & Wool Co., Red Hook 10-4 Saturday and Sunday
  • Midnight Merinos Wool Loft, Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 12-4
  • Out of the Loop, Hopewell Junction, Saturday 10-6, Sunday12-4
  • The Perfect Blend Yarn & Tea Shop, Saugerties, Saturday 10-6 Sunday 12-5
  • Pinewoods Farm Wool Shop, Saugerties, Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 12-4
  • Scarecrow Farm, Hollowville, Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 12-4
  • So Many Roads Boutique, Saugerties, Saturday and Sunday 11-6
  • Spruce Ridge Farm, Old Chatham, Saturday and Sunday 10-4
  • The Knitting Garage at Stickles, Rhinebeck, Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 12-4
  • The Warm Ewe, Chatham, Saturday 10-5 – Sunday Closed
  • Year Round Yarn, Valatie, Saturday 11-4 and Sunday 12-3
  • White Barn Farm Sheep and Wool, Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 12-5



L-A-M-B-S !!

Lambs started arriving here on the 27th of March. Now a full 10 days into April and we have ourselves 57 lambs with 13 ewes yet to go ! It’s been a hectic couple of weeks but it is always exciting to see the result of the long wait.

Cormo lamb.



Enjoying a bit of hay already ?


This year we are very pleased to have an abundance of natural colored lambs all shades of black, black and white and some especially pretty natural browns or moorits. These lambs are a mahogany color –a warm reddish brown. Just beautiful. The picture below shows the clear color differences. Color of wool on the lambs translates to color of Lamb’s Wool fleeces this time next year. And that translates into great natural color roving and yarns.

Brown, Black and White lambs - well the tail end of the White !


The majority of our ewes have twined this year and there have been two sets of triplets ! We’ll be posting more lamb pictures soon. As you can see from the top photo, they’re already out on pasture.

Stay Tuned!


Shearing Days

The spring harvest of sheep’s wool has started and we are more than pleased with the wonderful wool our sheep have been growing for the past year ! To date 100 ewes, ewe lambs and ram lambs have been sheared, their beautiful covered fleeces skirted and stashed away in our wool room. New friends Mariepaule and Arturo gave us a helping hand with the shearing joined by our shearer Jeff and farms workers Margot and Gleb. Now our task is to sort through our wool and decide which fleeces to use for our own yarn and roving and which to offer for sale. The first show of the season will be here soon — The Chancellor’s Sheep and Wool Showcase at Clermont in April. We’ll have a number of our natural colored and white wool fleeces for sale as well yarn, roving and other Complete Farm Products™.