Catching up Again

Where has the time gone ?
January 28th brought us the first of the new kids for 2011. We’ve been busy ever since with new arrivals almost every day. When we get a minute to catch our breath, we’ll do a real update and post some fun kid pictures. Here’s one in the meantime – kids doing what they do best.

19 Days ‘Til Spring

Happy – New – Decade !

This year we had a white – day after Christmas – and the day after that, and the day after that.

Drifts as deep as 4 feet side by side with bare ground. The wind blew and the turbine turned producing record amounts of power. A good thing.

The snow never seems to bother our maremmas. In fact they LOVE snow …..

Love to lie in it, stand on it and ……

Sit in it.

Wishing everyone a great new year !

79 days “Til Spring.

Where ‘Ya Been ?

It’s that time of year again – catch-up time. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 4 months since our last post. Time flies around here in the summer and early fall. Hopefully things will slow down a bit and we’ll get back to a regular routine. Happy Thanksgiving !
PS. This is NOT our turkey !

Is That The Sun We See ?

After almost 5 weeks of rain without much more than a day of non-rain in-between ( can’t call it sunshine ’cause there wasn’t any ), we’re finally back into the swing of making some hay. If you look closely you can see a “square” bale being “kicked” into the wagon, from the baler. An “Action-Shot”. Now we have an awful lot of catch-up work to do. Because of the late first cutting of our hay this year, we’re going to have a lot of clover in our round bales which makes for a really nice feed. It just takes an extra day or so to dry and this week we’ve got the time to make it – 4 days ( predicted ) of good drying weather !
These square bales are also full of clover. We’ll be using them next February to feed our nursing nannies so they make a lot of rich milk for the 2010 kids.

Meanwhile Back at the Ranchero

This Spring has been extremely hectic for us. We’ve been to a bunch of Fiber Shows — Maryland, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Seen a bunch of folks and talked a lot about goats. This is a photo taken about a month ago of our very own “Three Amigos”. The only bottle kids this year, who, thankfully are now weaned, grazing and happy.

This is also a picture from a while ago of a group of kids. All different sizes and colors and all much bigger now than that photo shows them to be.

And finally, a kid, well…… just being a kid.

The garden is almost planted – we have a few more rows to go. And soon we will start cutting hay – weather cooperating.

30 or so lambs have been born and are out grazing with the ewes.

We’ll take some more up to date photos and hopefully be more faithful to getting some posted here.

Spring Has Come

Farm life has been busy these past few days. The goats are just about done kidding. The sheep should start lambing any day now. We’ve spent the last 10 days shearing sheep and goats – 21 Ewes remain to be sheared and about the same number of Bucks. 120 ton of lime has been spread on the pastures and hay fields. A lot of time has been being spent on cleaning up our fence lines which were littered with debris from winter storms – tree limbs down, fence posts heaved and broken, wire needing tensioning. We’re also trying to get fiber prepared for our Spring Fiber Show Schedule. We’ve taken a bunch of new pictures but have not been able to get them posted yet. Maybe this weekend ?