Handmade Jacket Debut made with Buckwheat Bridge Angoras Fiber

We were pleased this past spring and early summer to collaborate with textile designer Pascale Gatzen to develop the fine wool and mohair blend yarn for these jackets. The following is an invite to the opening of the premier exhibit featuring the initial showing of these amazing jackets to the public. Best wishes to Pascale and ‘friends of light’ as they continue on their journey bringing locally sourced, sustainably produced textiles into the mainstream of fashion. Click for map to 354 W 11th St, New York



Hello Buckwheat Bridge Angoras Blog Followers,
Dove into Pinterest the other day… great site, beauty in pics.

What’s new at the farm?
100 + lambs born, 5 sets of triplets… 200 sheep!

Good looking hay this year compared to last year’s drought.
Feeding organic grain from Lakeview Organic in Penn Yan.
If you haven’t seen the goat kid born on video…

We will not be at the Rhinebeck Farmer’s Market’s this summer! This is big news, since it makes getting our products a little more difficult.

We now have a special sale through June, after which we are closing the online store.
It’s your chance to stock your stash with our products, or finally get that gift you’ve thought about for a while. We’ve updated our inventory with several items, including some more socks, VSY yarn and angora goat hides (very special yoga mat!)

Subscribers to our mailing list get a special discount code for June!

Dye’n to Get to Rhinebeck

VSY - a special yarn of 50% Lamb's Wool and 50% First Clip Kid Mohair in sumptuous fall colors

A chill in the air, color on the trees, the clear skies of autumn signal one thing to fiber lovers – time is fast approaching for “Rhinebeck”.

The coolness of the season stirs the desire for warm woolens and other cozy garments made with nature’s finest offerings. A quick look to the outdoors is all the inspiration required for a full compliment of color sure to spark the creative genius in all of us. Farm-scapes abound with fading greens giving way to reds, golds, burnt orange.

The dye pot is steaming with all these colors providing a palate of autumn in an array of socks, yarns and roving. So many ideas to choose from to develop the perfect project for fall !


Grant Park Farmers Market

We’re in Atlanta, GA for a few days. If we were home today we’d be at the Rhinebeck Farmer’s Market so what better place to visit than a local market here in Atlanta. In preparing for our visit I looked on line for listings of local markets. Oddly enough there was only one Sunday market to be found. This one at Grant Park.
When traveling I usually opt to take local public transportation – rapid transit, bus – or walk. You can really get a better feel for a place and you also don’t miss much with the slower pace of travel. The local public transit here in Atlanta is MARTA which stands for Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority. So I boarded the number 32 bus and headed toward Grant Park.

The Market spills into the park just off Cherokee and Milledge.

Here in no particular order are pictures of some of the AMAZING fare on display:





















That’s all for today. I’m full!!


A New Year

As the sun sets on 2011 we will make it a goal for 2012 to post more often.
In the meantime here is a link to some really interesting photographs of the pre-revolutionary Russian Empire –
100-Year-Old Color Photos from the Russian Empire

Our first kids are due around the last two weeks in February……lambs not until late March.
In the meantime we’re spinning lots of yarn and will be doing a website makeover for the coming year. The wind turbine has been working fairly well although there are still some “issues” but it is producing enough power to allow us to increase mill output without compromising our completely alternative energy generated power supply status.
Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Productive New Year as well as an easy lambing and kidding time –

81 days “til Spring