Nubian Triplets. Two girls and a boy.

There are still 45 days left until the vernal equinox (i.e.SPRING !) but there is no surer sign foretelling the promise of such than newly born kids or lambs. These three Nubian kids were just born today.

Here are some close-ups:

Billy Kid


Spotted doe kid


All together

The rest of the kids – angoras – are not due until mid-February. Lambs start the end of March.

L-A-M-B-S !!

Lambs started arriving here on the 27th of March. Now a full 10 days into April and we have ourselves 57 lambs with 13 ewes yet to go ! It’s been a hectic couple of weeks but it is always exciting to see the result of the long wait.

Cormo lamb.



Enjoying a bit of hay already ?


This year we are very pleased to have an abundance of natural colored lambs all shades of black, black and white and some especially pretty natural browns or moorits. These lambs are a mahogany color –a warm reddish brown. Just beautiful. The picture below shows the clear color differences. Color of wool on the lambs translates to color of Lamb’s Wool fleeces this time next year. And that translates into great natural color roving and yarns.

Brown, Black and White lambs - well the tail end of the White !


The majority of our ewes have twined this year and there have been two sets of triplets ! We’ll be posting more lamb pictures soon. As you can see from the top photo, they’re already out on pasture.

Stay Tuned!