Our Breeding Stock

white-buck-close-upBuckwheat Bridge Angoras specializes in AAGBA Registered White Angora Goats. The AAGBA – American Angora Goat Breeder’s Association – is the ONLY record  keeper of pure bred White Angora Goats in the United States. Foundation does ( females goats) for our herd came from many breeders across the Northeast United States. In 1999 we added a buck ( male goat) from Texas, in  2005 an additional 2 bucks and some does and again in 2010 another couple of breeding bucks and a couple of does. The balance of our herd, 150 or so goats, have been born right here on the farm.

Our breeding program includes the careful and scientific selection of those goats who retain the finest of hair, long into adulthood. In addition, we pay careful attention to body structure and the ability of the buck to breed and the doe to carry a kid to term and raise that kid or kids on her own. Other characteristics we pay strict attention to are leg and hip conformation; mouth conformation; spring of rib; depth of chest; set of horn; mohair coverage of face, legs and tail; mohair lock formation ( style and character); length of staple and density of fleece. Each year we examine the fiber of our breeding bucks and does under the microscope to evaluate micron count and uniformity. Samples are taken from the neck, side and britch of the animal. Our decision was to produce fine fiber. Fiber that could be worn next to the skin. To that end,  our goal is a diameter of 30 microns or less in order to use that animal for our breeding program.

Our breeding lines include goats with 100% Texas bloodlines as well as some Texas-South African bloodlines originating  from the HLRS ( Haby, Lockhart, Ross and Speck) importation of 1993 and 1994.

The buck featured here is 100% Texas bloodlines.
This buck is about 28% South African 72% Texas bloodlines.

Offspring from both of these stud bucks have been champions at  EAGMA (formally VAGMA) spring shows and the Northeast Angora Goat Show at the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck. For the past 3 years we have had the Grand Champion Buck and Grand Champion Doe at Rhinebeck. To view our show results click here.

yearling buck group
This photo nicely illustrates the style and character on the fleece of a group of our yearling bucks

Presently we breed approximately 65 does and use 5-6 breeding bucks in a given year.