Angora Goats


When selecting goats to start our breeding herd we decided to find the finest fleeced, older goats, of sound body available here in the northeast. Our thought was to find suitable animals already acclimated to our geographic area and breed to produce a healthy, hardy northern angora goat. Our search took us to almost every state in the northeast as well as southern Canada. We purchased goats from many breeders – Susan Cutter, who had some of Deb Pamplin’s line; Louis Sweet; Diane Nolan; Lois Vedder; Fritz and Pat Vohr; Alain and Francine Sauve and Chris Cook; just to name a few. Some of our initial nanny goats were 8-10 years old. That was 1992. In 1999 we purchased a buck, from Fred and Linda Speck in Kerrville, Texas. Tex, or FLS8-1811 was a twin brother to FLS8-1810 one of the Speck’s top producing breeding bucks. He was the son of FLS6-1382, grandson of FLS2-404 and a great, great grandson of the Haby H-584 “Superfine”.

FLS8-1811 is the foundation buck for most of our herd today. A true stud buck, he produced extremely fine haired kids, with good style and character of fleece. He was structurally correct with a wide spread of horn and deep chest. He has produced many blue ribbon goats for us.

In 2005 we again visited Texas and purchased a number of nanny goats to diversify our breeding bloodlines. We also purchased two bucks. Goats were obtained from Fritz and Hazel Keuble, Freddie and Mary Alice Flach, Bonnie and Dale Naumann, Jimmy Holman, the Graffe family, Barbara Sanders, and Fred and Linda Speck. One of these goats, a yearling buck from Jimmy Holman, was Grand Champion Buck at the Northeast Angora Goat Show at the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival in October 2005. One of 1811’s daughters was the Grand Champion Doe.

2006 through 2008 showed much growth in the depth of herd genetics – and our show results reflected this. (click here)

2010 found us “on the road again” to Kerrville and the HLRS Production sale. We renewed acquaintances with many old friends and made some new friends along the way. We came home with a number of very nice bucks from the Specks, the Flachs and the McCauls in Potosi, MO. A detailed account of our trip can be found here in our blog.

We are very grateful to our many customers who have purchased registered, show quality, breeding bucks and does and starter flocks. We are always happy to provide references upon request.