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Buckwheat Bridge Angoras is a small, family owned and operated farm located in the mid-Hudson Valley of New York State. We raise Angora goats and Cormo sheep . The fiber from these animals is processed on the farm using SOLAR and WIND POWER in a cottage industry size mill. The ONLY animal fiber we use for our products is from OUR OWN animals. We practice sustainable agriculture and provide our animals with pastures to graze. Our feed is grown and harvested locally(within 5 miles of our farm). We invite you to browse our site and learn more about us. We are proud to call our products Complete Farm Products™ a term we have developed to make a distinction between products produced exclusively on the farm and products purchased at some stage of manufacture, modified and labeled with a farm name. See our Complete Farm Products™ page for complete details.

For the last 20 years we have raised Angora goats on our farm in Columbia County, New York. About 10 years ago we added our first Cormo Sheep. Our farm census at the moment – goats and sheep, including this year’s “new arrivals” – borders the 200 mark. The primary focus of our efforts is fiber production although we also farm 100 acres of hay. We practice sustainable agriculture and  6 maremma livestock guardians patrol the pastures at all times. Fiber from our animals is processed on the farm in a “mini-mill” which we purchased in 2001. We produce roving, yarn and socks as well as raw fleece, washed fleece and dyed locks. The mill is powered by 84 solar panels producing 10K of power and an 11K wind turbine . We net meter and keep track of our power consumption. This way we are sure to not use more power in processing our fiber, than we produce. Our products contain ONLY the animal fiber that is produced on our farm. While we know that many other farms produce quality fiber, we want to KNOW where our fiber comes from, KNOW what the animals are fed, KNOW where they graze, KNOW what else does or does not go into and on their bodies and KNOW that the fiber we are offering to our customers has been raised humanely in the good old USA and farm workers have been paid a living wage.

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