The Big “E” – We Won!

Cormo fleece – bright white with a well defined crimp.

Each year thousands of people from the east coast and beyond flock to West Springfield Massachuesettes tp participate in The Eastern States Exposition commonly referred to as The Big “E”. This year the sheep flock at Buckwheat sent their shepherd northeast-ward to deliver some fleeces for the wool fleece competition at the show.
Now these boys are not the bragging kind – not at all. But…..well their fleeces did mighty well at the show and they deserve some kodos for the effort.

Cuervo’s contribution – a beautiful Natural Colored fleece in warm taupe brown.
The Supreme Champion – Celery’s Fleece

These fleeces are headed to the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival Fleece Show and Sale in Rhinebeck, October 20 and 21. They’ll be for sale. Stop by and see them. Maybe take one home !

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