It’s Show Time

New Hampshire Sheep and Wool is just around the corner and we’ll be debuting some new yarn lines. We’ve spent the winter and early spring working on a number of really great yarns. Those of you coming to NH this weekend will get the first look. First up is our line of Natural Colored yarns.

Natural Colored 100% Pure Lamb's Wool Skeins

Beautiful Natural Colored Lamb’s Wool in deep dark chocolate brown, light taupe gray brown, heathery charcoal gray and bright white. Sheared just a month ago and spun into a fresh, springy 2 ply yarn. Also coming along for the ride are two colors of a 50% first clip kid 50% lamb’s wool blend. These are  incredibly soft and supple yarns. Pictures really do not do them justice.


Natural Colored First Clip Kid and Lamb's Wool in Deep Brown
Natural Colored First Clip Kid and Lamb's Wool in Reddish Brown

These yarns are Complete Farm Products meaning that they are produced completely on our farm from the growing of the fiber to the skeining and labeling of the yarn. We’ll be posting photos of some other new yarn lines later this week. In the meantime, it’s back to packing for the show!

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