Last Year’s Havest

We finished up planting the garden the other day. In the ground are some tried and true performers – basil, jalapenos, cabbage and tomatoes. One more try with the tomatoes. The tomato blight of 2009 hit our garden head on. More than 90 tomato plants lost. We’ve planted a number of varieties of tomatoes this year including sauce tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and heirlooms. The heirlooms were a gift from our friend Mike Kokas at Upstate Farms. Mike and his wife Jan are the owners of a beautiful organic farm in Columbia County. They also do CSA shares and make three trips weekly to Manhattan to deliver wonderful produce to shareholders.
Some new “customers” in the garden this year are Culantro and Stevia. We’ll see how they like our location.

While we wait for our garden to grow, take a look at what we did harvest last year.

Gerkin Cucumbers

Lots of green and yellow summer squash

Some of the most beautiful Basil in the county !