Green Business Certification !


We are very pleased to announce that as of May 3, 2017 Buckwheat Bridge has been a Certified Green Business!!
We are proud to display the seal of Green America, an organization that has been certifying green businesses for many, many years.

Our Yarn Featured in Interweave Knits!

We are thrilled to be included in the 2016 Spring Interweave Knits! Check out the magazine for to learn all about Cormo fiber and yarn as well as a bit about the local farm scene in the Hudson Valley. Thanks to Claire Houlihan for taking the time to visit and chat, and to the team at Interweave Knits for their interest in what we’re doing here on the farm.

To celebrate we’re offering online a very limited number of skeins of 3 ply Cormo yarn – Shop Now

Of LAMBS!(and ground hogs…)

New born Natural Colored Fine Wool Lamb and it's mother

It’s good to see a local sign of spring…….LAMBS!

Elsewhere in the news, those season change forecasting ground hogs throughout the USA and Canada reached a ‘no shadow” consensus this morning. Early Spring is only 47 days away! Sound good?

And with that we welcome the newest members to the flock. Both busy and rewarding, lambing time is long anticipated. Full of promise for fiber to come, each lamb represents the future of fiber on the farm. Welcome lambs, Welcome! Welcome!